London Irish Network - Multi Activities Social Club

Multi-Activities Social Club


a) The election of the committee members shall take place at the AGM, which will normally occur on the last Saturday or Sunday of February each year.

b) All Committee Positions to be elected will be listed on the Nomination Form.

c) Nominations should be made 7 days in advance of the AGM and may also be made at the AGM.

d) Elections will be by secret ballot if
i) There is a contest for a position, and/or
ii) The number of nominees exceeds the required committee number

e) The Committee Elections will be supervised by a Returning Officer & Teller who shall be Members independent of the Committee as chosen by the AGM.

f) Postal or Proxy votes are not allowed.

g) If the outgoing Chairperson is standing again for re-election, the Chairperson will not preside during the actual period when the election is taking place.

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