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Multi-Activities Social Club

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a) All postings to the Message Board on the Club’s web site must be in the Club member’s name only.

b) The Website Co-ordinator will remove any messages on the club's website message board that contain personal or defamatory attacks on LIN members or discriminatory or prejudicial language or opinions. The Website Co-Ordinator will inform the sender of such messages the reason for their message being excluded from the website message board and report back to the Committee on any such messages. The Committee reserves the right to remove access to the website for a member who persists in sending messages to the website message board that require removal

(If the Website Co-Ordinator post is not approved then this should be the Secretary instead).


c) Any password relating to the overall control of the website or its domain should be held by the following LIN Committee members: the Chairperson, the Website Co-Ordinator and the Membership Secretary.

(If the Website Co-Ordinator is not approved, than this should be the Secretary instead

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